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What is Lohan Qigong

Legend has it that Lohan Qigong was created by Bodhidharma, the founder of Chan (Zen) Buddhism 1500 years ago. This gentle exercise is relaxing and energising at the same time, with each set of movements designed to activate and cleanse the qi flow in the meridian channels.

During the Yuan Dynasty, the “18 Lohan Qigong” (consisting of 18 movements) was further enlarged to 72 movements, and later still to 173 movements to form the basis of Shaolin Chuan-Fa, which in turn, greatly influenced the development of all branches of Oriental fighting arts.

Chan HeungLohan Qigong was a precious secret kept within the Shaolin Temple until its sacking and the massacre of it's inhabitants about 200 years ago. Monk Choy Fook, one of the few survivors, fled south to Guangdong province and was sought out by Chan Heung who became his disciple. Chan Heung later became the founder of the Choy Lee Fut martial arts system.

Master Chan Yong-Fa is the great great grandson of Chan Heung and the present custodian of Choy Lee Fut, including, until now, the secret Lohan Qigong exercises. There are four Lohan Qigong sets forming a comprehensive system of progressively more advances techniques towards gaining complete mastery of ones Qi or vital energy.

The benefits of Lohan Qigong include longevity through maintenance of health and vigor of body and mind, strengthening of the internal organs, prevention of occupational diseases and a balanced, relaxed attitude to life.

In our centre, we teach the authentic Lohan Qigong as passed down by Chan Heung's family.

The Principal, Howard Choy, is a qualified Architect and Feng Shui Consultant. He has over thirty years of experience in teaching of Chinese Chi Energetics.

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"No leaps, no high kicks, no running. The feet always firmly on the ground.... movements intrinsically beautiful and at the same time charged with symbolic meaning. Thought taking shape in ritual and stylised gesture. The whole body transformed into a hieroglyphic, a succession of hieroglyphics, of attitudes modulating from significance to significance like a poem or a piece of music. Movements of the muscles representing movements of consciousness... It's meditation in action."

- Aldous Huxley.