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What is Tai Chi Chuan

Taijiquan or Tai Chi Chuan is a subtle and very sophisticated form of exercise for physical health, self defence and self development. It is a synthesis of the most priceless treasure of Chinese civilisation. It offers to each person what she or he needs to deal with life.

It is important to find an Instructor who has had proper training and experience in the compete system of Taijiquan. Your chosen Instructor must understand your needs and be willing to guide you along your chosen path.

The Student in turn needs to study and practice regularly and diligently to gain the maximum benefit. Each student will need to decide what he or she wants - fitness, healing, mind concentration and expansion, energy balance, self defence or relaxation and improved vitality - Taijiquan can offer all these and more. That is why millions of people all over the world practice Taijiquan.

Yang Sau ChungTaijiquan unites the body, mind and spirit in a dynamic triad of perfect harmony and balance. This is best exemplified in the unique push hands exercises. Feet firmly planted on earth, the upper body powerful yet fluid and soft at the same time, at once solid and mobile as a mountain stream in motion. Drawing upon the energies of heaven and earth, we engage in the interplay of the cosmic dance of the universal energies of yin and yang. In the dynamic unity of the two we strive for infinity.

In our centre, we teach the Yang Family Taijiquan as passed down by Master Yang Souchang and the Chen Family Taijiquan as passed down by Master Chen Xiaowang.