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Taiji Camp with Master Howard Choy (2013)

Taiji Summer Camp
with Master Howard Choy

for intermediate and advanced students
  Nowa Silna (near Poznań), Poland, 18-23 June 2013, cost: € 220


  • Yang Style Sabre Form
  • corrections of Yang Style 108-Movement Long Form
  • Tuishou (push hands) & applications

Sign up & info:

countering an attack with a spear


Detailed information

Camp beginning: 18th of June, Tuesday, supper at 8 pm.

Camp finish: 23rd of June, Sunday, dinner at 2 pm.

Our training every day will be split into two sections:

  1. Morning section (until dinner) – Form training
  2. Afternoon section (after dinner) – Tuishou and applications

Please bring your own sabre for practice!

Costs including training, accommodation and food: 220 euro (some small price drop is possible if there are enough people taking part in the camp).

Please remember that this camp is treated as private stay of each participant and we do not guarantee any insurance. If you feel you need any health insurance then please get it beforehand on your own.

If the weather is good we have very good conditions for training outside. In case of rain there is a small training room for our disposal. Accommodation will be in 2 and 3-person rooms. We will have 3 meals a day (if someone wants vegetarian food then we need to know about it earlier). In spare time it is possible to take walks in the forest or swim in the nearby lake.

How to get there

We will be staying at a guest house "Dom pod lipą" situated in a rural area among forests, fields and lakes in a village called Nowa Silna. The only practical means to get there is by car so if you don't come by car then you should first get to Poznań. If you come to Poznań by train, bus or plane then please contact us beforehand and let us know what time you are expected to arrive on Tuesday afternoon – some of us will be going there by car so we will pick you up at the main railway station or airport. Even if you come by car we advise you to come to Poznań first and follow us as we drive to Nowa Silna because it is easy to get lost among the small rural side roads (there were people getting lost even with GPS). It takes almost 2 hours to drive from Poznań to Nowa Silna.

Here is the exact localization on the map:

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Contact and confirmation

Please contact us as soon as possible to confirm your participation in the camp as we need to make reservation for you. When you confirm your arrival let us know how and when you will arrive so as to arrange any necessary transport to Nowa Silna:



Here are some pictures of the place at Nowa Silna, taiji training in early March: